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Tables On The Move - Beautiful Concrete Tables

Tables on the Move, move into Chester County

By WM. SHAWN WEIGEL – Daily Local News – Chester County

When Gwen Kunkel asked her brother, Paul Randall, to help her create a narrow table she could use for holiday meals, the pair had no idea it would become their next business.

“I have a family of four — 12 if it’s a special occasion,” Kunkel said. “But I didn’t want a huge table dominating our living space. So that’s where the concept came from.”

After creating a mock-up prototype, made from light wood, layered cement and coated with a special color blending process, the end result left Kunkel’s jaw dropped.

“I said, ‘I don’t’ want to store it, I want that on my wall,’” Kunkel said.

And thus, the idea of “Tables on the Move” was born.

Kunkel said that once she saw the final product her brother could produce, she set about designing a table that could easily double as both a piece of unique art and as a permanent piece of furniture.

Once the big holiday dinner or the weekend football gathering is over, the legs and be easily unscrewed and the table becomes a wall hanging that sits easily on two bolts, Kunkel said.

Kunkel said her goal when designing the tables was to make them lean and more intimate, as opposed to the spacious…

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Tables On The Move - Beautiful Concrete Tables


Tables by siblings from Gloucester County real show stoppers at Philadelphia Home Show

Published: Sunday, January 22, 2012, 5:00 AM  – NJ.com

By Gina Bittner/Gloucester County Times


The Philadelphia Home Show is full of new and innovative items that can transform your space. From hot tubs the size of a small house to stove-top grills, there are many ways to change or improve your home. On Thursday, however, the crowd seemed to keep making its way to one booth.

Washington Township resident Gwen Kunkel and her brother Paul Randall of Swedesboro have created furniture for art lovers and practical homeowners alike.

Tables on the Move — the siblings’ newborn business venture — produces one-of-a-kind art called the ToTm that can be used as a table, wall art or headboard.

“Some people have space-saving issues,” Kunkel said of the multi-use fixture.

“Did you touch it?” she asked a curious man standing in front of a sample table at the home show. “What do you think it’s made of?”

Artist Paul Randall, Kunkel’s brother and co-owner of Tables on the Move, demonstrates how the legs of the tables come apart at the Philadelphia Home Show, which runs through today, inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Kunkel said she’s gotten a lot of interest from customers with houses down the shore. They seem to be looking for a table that can fit all of their visitors, she said, and can be easily moved.

Realtors looking for stylish fixtures for their model homes have also been avid customers, Kunkel said.

While their glossy finish looks like a marble surface, the ToTm is actually made from domestic woods…

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