What is ToTm?

The ToTm table is a durable, versatile piece of art carefully crafted as a lightweight dining table. This design is practical for dining experiences where intimacy among the guests is key. Our standard ToTm tables can seat up to 12 guests comfortably and are the perfect width for great conversation and togetherness.

While it makes a beautiful everyday table, its removable legs and ease of mobility creates unlimited uses for space saving situations. Our designs are fashionable and compliment all occasions and decor. Each table is uniquely crafted based upon your selected style.


The ToTm table comes in four standard sizes and can also be custom cut to your specific space requirements.


Owning a ToTm eliminates the “add-on” table. No need for wooden boards or multiple tables. Forget the tablecloth! The ToTm has a beautiful surface with nothing to hide. Actually, you won’t want to cover it up!


“It is just so different.  Everybody carries wood or aluminum furniture.  You don’t see this anywhere.”